Kust landschap
17th century landscape

Kim Dijkstra photography

‘In my photography I am only satisfied if a picture is more than a sharp, accurately lit depiction of a moment in time. That, along with a beautiful composition, is only the starting point. There is always an atmosphere I want to capture, enhance or create. My work as a filmmaker influences my views on photography. I see a photograph as an entire film in itself. I want to tell a story with every picture. A landscape can sometimes tell a story, or incite to create one from imagination. But even the details of a wedding, the colors of the flowers, the way the couple dresses, and how they use their body language, can make the difference between a decent picture and a wonderful memory.’

Kim Dijkstra is an Amsterdam based photographer and filmmaker. She creates photographs, films, stories and installations. You can find information about other art projects on kimdijkstra.nl.

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