Concert Registration Hungarian Canvas

A concert registration has its own challenges for a photographer, especially a classical concert.
It starts with lighting the concert. As a photographer you are not allowed to use flash. You have to find the sweet spot between having enough light to make pictures of people that move around, yet you cannot place all the light you would want or it would affect the experience of the audience. The same goes for the positioning of the light. Also you must make sure the artists are not blinded.
Another limitation is sound. It would not be appreciated if you would disturb the musicians with clicking noises. You have to stay on a distance and move around in mindful way.
During ‘Hungarian Canvas’, I wanted to capture the atmosphere of the evening, and make sure every artist gets a good picture moment without obstructing the performance. These are a few examples of the series.

Maryleen Schiltkamp – painter
Pamela Smits – cellist
Tobias Borsboom – pianist

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Pamela Smits -preparing
Tobias Borsboom - preparing
Tobias Borsboom and Pamela Smits
Tobias Borsboom
Tobias Borsboom - Maryleen Schiltkamp
Tobias Borsboom
Maryleen Schiltkamp - Music Painter
Pamela Smits - Maryleen Schiltkamp
Maryleen Schiltkamp
Tobias Borsboom, Pamela Smits and Maryleen Schiltkamp