Kim Dijkstra – Exhibitions

A selection of exhibitions where I had the opportunity to show my photographs, read my stories, screen films or a combination of these. I also list upcoming events on this page in case you would like to visit one of my exhibitions, or if you want to keep informed. Please contact me if you have an exhibition proposal, want to discuss a possible assignment, or have questions regarding my exhibitions.



In-Short Film Festival 2018, Lagos, Nigeria: 27/29-12
Paleis van Mieris Club, Solo Screening plus Q & A, Amsterdam: 08-12


SBK, Loods 6, SPROUTS 2014 – 2017, 28-09/08-10
Paleis van Mieris, Amsterdam: Dufus Tidious, 15-07


Mezrab, VERSO / live jour- nal: ‘Mercury’, 01-11
Amstel 340, Up Art Expo, Open Atelier Route, 2-05/3-05
Galerie 59, Aisha Fouad & Kim Dijkstra, 25-1/22-2


Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Prague, screening
of ‘From the New World’ and ‘Largo Shostakovich’ plus artist talk, 20-11
SBK KNSM, Sprouts #1, Final Exam Selection Dutch Art Academies, 5-9/ 28-9
Loods 6, Kunst & Design Fair, 12-12/17-12
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Final Exam Exhibition, 1-7/7-7
Eye, Final Exam Press Screening, screening of ‘Timbuktu’, 27-6
Wow Foundation, screening of ‘Waar ik ook ben’, 21-06
Eye: E*Cinema, Absence and Departure, screening of ‘Waar ik ook ben’, 27-5
Oude Kerk Amsterdam, Constant Companion, 15-3/6-4
Gallery Lokaal WV15, Derivative, 18-1/26-1


Cultuurwerf Vlissingen, Eva Ontbloot, screening of ‘Escape’ 16-06/11-08
Hermitage Amsterdam, screening of ‘Ik ga weg om terug te komen’, 22-5
Oude kerk Amsterdam, Beyond Babylon, 1-2/-17-2


OT 301, Cinema Sundays, screening of ‘Hard Candy’, 29-1


One Minutes Series, Performance One Minutes, 17-3
Brakke Grond Theatre, Rietveld Uncut, The living Object, 11-11
Jan des Bouvrie College, Dream Conference Exhibition, 25-7/29-7


Moma NY, DYI Augmented Reality Art Invasion, 9-10
Schijnheilig, Call & Response expo, appeared also in a AT5 nieuws item, 22-04
De Zwarte Ruyter, Dead Darlings, 4-2/6-2
Exhibitions of Kim Dijkstra at SBK-Zuid

Exhibition of Kim Dijkstra at SBK-Zuid Amsterdam